Australia Day Shenanigans

Another Aussie Day has come and gone, and this one was particularly awesome. We went all out with a roast lamb, epic pool volleyball competitions, slip n slide action, table tennis and even thong throwing (not as weird as it sounds).


January’s heat called for an early swim session with even my Mom getting in – so that’s really saying something. Something you should know about my family is we take our pool volleyball very seriously. Not in a competitive way. We believe every swim should involve a “quick game. best of 3” (as Dad always says the second he arises from his graceful dive into the pool). We have yet to find the perfect volleyball net, so our current one is a kids sized tennis net tied up to our umbrellas on either side of the pool by some of Dad’s old work ties. It’s usually girls against boys, since us girls can’t stand on the other side of the net because it’s too deep. Dad isn’t the tallest dude around, but what he lacks in height he makes up for in enthusiastic jumping. We all patiently (or maybe not so patiently) wait around for someone to get ‘falconed’, A.K.A. the ball  hitting you in the head. All 4 girls fell victim to the falcon, mine even being caught on camera.

So if you don’t know, Australia Day calls for lamb, just like Thanksgiving calls for turkey. It got off to a rocky start when Mom began preparing the meat – you know, adding some rosemary etc. – but when she went to lightly salt the meat, the salt shaker’s lid fell off, dropping an entire new salt shaker’s worth of salt onto the lamb. Luckily, it didn’t taste like we were eating ocean flavoured lamb. The end result was a well-cooked, though well seasoned, meal accompanied by a delicious potato bake (by me), salad’s galore, a Dad who is a super proud of his lamb roast cooking skills and most importantly, garlic bread.

I bought a slip n slide for New Years Day 2016, and haven’t used it since. So I’ve waited for the opportunity to bring it out again for almost 13 months! Australia Day seemed ideal, though I knew from past experience how painful my body would be the next day. I thought my year of trying to get more fit and strong would help – I was wrong. Turns out, it doesn’t matter how much you work on your biceps, slip n sliding will ruin you. The guys used their excellent engineering skills to extend the slip n slide from its original 7 meters to about 12 meters by using the pool cover. With the grass area on a slope, the extension was very useful. A huge tube and a blow-up body board, a bit of hand soap and water resulted in intense speed – all of us flying off the end of the pool cover to a nice stop on the grass. But I gained a nasty scrape on my left shin when I hesitated jumping onto the tube and landed on my knees instead. So much regret.

The afternoon called for another swim and volleyball tournament, but morphed into thong throwing. Now thongs are also known as flips flops or whatever they’re called in other countries – we aren’t throwing g-strings around. Thong throwing is a time-honoured Australia Day tradition that I had yet to participate in. The activity usually involves throwing a thong at a target and whoever gets the closest wins, but our target somehow ended up being my inflatable flamingo – so we ended up throwing thongs at a flamingo’s butt.

The day slowly came to an end as we got stuck into a game of Pictionary on Wii. Again, girls against boys, we all drew some questionable drawings. Mid-game, we were treated to a bowl of ice cream (mine of course lactose free) and Mars Bar sauce, topped with another Australian classic – the Tim Tam.  After the girls took the lead in the early part of the game, the boys could never catch us, winning on the clue ‘Bottle’ – not exactly a difficult one.

Sunburnt and looking like a beetroot, we played table tennis for all of 5 minutes to finish the day. The arm pain from slip n sliding didn’t arrive until the next morning, so I could enjoy the rest of my Australia Day arm pain free.

Things I learnt on Australia Day:

  1. I suck at thong throwing
  2. I need to work out more
  3. Theres nothing quite like garlic bread
  4. I am the pool volleyball champion of the world
  5. Make sure the salt shaker lid is on tight
  6. Work on Picitionary drawing skills
  7. Mars Bar sauce should be a standard on all ice cream

Check out my Australia Day Vlog here.