Chained To The Cover Song

Today I filmed and edited my new YouTube video – my cover of Katy Perry’s new single Chained To The Rhythm. Check it out here:

Now I’m going to be totally honest. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the song when I first heard it last week. But of course, because it is a Katy Perry song, I didn’t want to rule it out too fast. I didn’t really like ‘Roar’ at first either and now that’s my jam. I’m by far the biggest Katy Perry fan I know of. I went and saw her Prismatic World Tour show 4 times when it came to Australia. I know there were fans who went even more, and if my bank account had allowed, I would’ve been there with bells on. Or my KP branded light up ears headband on.

So I listened to Chained over and over, singing along by the 2nd time and loving it by the 4th, dancing along by the 20th, and still wasn’t sick of it by the 30th. To my surprise, I  instantly decided I wanted to do a cover of it. I don’t typically like the idea of doing covers. I like doing mashups because it requires some songwriting, but this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get my cover on.

I wanted to move fast and get the video up while the song is still brand new, so I studied the lyrics the day it was released, only needing like 2 minutes before I had them memorised. From the first listen through knowing I now wanted to do a cover, I thought it would be best to change the song’s key. So I did just that, hoping it would make my acoustic version a little more subdued and different. I wasn’t sure how I was going to go about the rap section, laughing at myself endlessly the first few times I tried it out, but I think it came out OK in the end? I listened carefully for the little ad libs and creative vocal stuff going on so I could replicate them, then I was ready to record!

So, last night I put a treatment in my hair so it would look silky(er) smooth for the video, and this morning brought out every makeup item I own. I’m no makeup expert, so doing my makeup for videos is really daunting. Sitting in front of the TV watching Zootopia, I started the long process of fixing my face. After 15 minutes, I start losing my patience, but the most tedious things are still to come. By the time Judy Hops was chasing the onion thief, I’d had it. My eyeliner was a little shaky, but after just one false start and redo, I decided it was good enough.

Then there’s the absolute worst part – doing my hair. Though much silkier than normal, I doesn’t reduce the amount of hair I have to get through. I knew I wanted a slight wave in my hair, so I pulled out my new Muk curling iron, a Christmas present, using the fat barrel (I don’t know if there’s a proper name for it) for the first time.

Pretty chuffed with the final result, though avoiding the bottom under layers like they were the plague, I knew the day’s hardest decision was next – what to wear. For some reason, I’d already thought of wearing my leather jacket. Now it might sound like a dumb decision in 40 degree Celsius heat, but I honestly kinda wanted to look a bit cool. If I was going to try pull off a cover, I had to step up my fashion and edginess game. Throwing on a white striped body suit and black high waist jeans to complete the outfit, I had to get moving, the afternoon starting to slip through my fingers.

I set up the microphone, camera and lighting in my recording studio, the giant soft boxes a bit of a space issue but I made it work. I blasted the air-conditioning on 16 degrees in an attempt to not sweat out the litre of water I’d drunk straight away. Though it took it’s sweet time, the studio reached a more manageable temperature so it was time to film!

Usually plagued with countless issues like the camera turning off, the guitar not recording, or other equally annoying things, this time was rather uneventful. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was smooth sailing, but maybe the slightest of sways. Within 40 minutes, I had what I needed, but knew editing the footage would be a bit of a nightmare. And it was. I jumped straight into it, my goal to have the video uploaded by tonight. With Australia’s abysmal internet upload speed, I had to work fast if I had a chance of reaching my deadline.

After my computer crashed 4 times and Premiere Pro deciding it hated it when I moved a clip or clicked something, I finally finished editing 2 and a half hours later. I was even more frustrated than when I put on makeup. My frustration reached it’s peak when I noticed the small blue light on my giant ‘C’ behind me in the footage had lifted off. Now it’s all I look at when I watch the video. Watching the percentage climb slower than a sloth on my YouTube upload, I distracted myself by doing a workout – eliptical trainer and yoga. I know! Who would’ve ever seen the day I‘d use exercise as a distraction tool?! I need to find another TV show to binge.

But despite the slight hiccups, irritations, eyeliner mishaps and sweaty outfit, I’m happy with the final product. There are definitely things I would change the next time I do a similar video, but I love the audio quality and how I sung it, so I can’t really complain too much. I hope you guys love it as much, or maybe more, than I do. Happy listening!

Chat soon, Chels ❤