How To Style Overalls/Dungarees

Every time I wear overalls, a “How To Style Overalls” video is requested. 1 – What an awesome idea, and 2 – How cool is it that a video has been requested!? So, I did just that, and here are the details about all the products and items I used to put together 4 complete outfits that will hopefully give you a little dungaree inspiration. I model these and talk about these outfits in a video over on my YouTube channel, so go check that out too.

Obviously there are a bazillion ways to style overalls, so I thought the easiest way to show you how I style them was to narrow it down to 4 simple ways. Feel free to change up any part of the outfit, whether it be the colour of the dungarees, the shirts, the shoes, the sunnies – anything to make it your own and suit your taste. I have inserted the links to every item still available online.

Outfit #1


Ideal for any occasion from an autumn day to a winter night, this outfit is my favourite go to look right now. These awesome, stylish long black overalls from Forever 21 are so comfy and basically go with everything and will always be a must-have in my wardrobe. The super cute zip across the chest is actually a pocket, which has come in handy when I’ve needed somewhere to quickly stash my phone, a sneaky tissue, or even my polaroid pictures that I don’t want to get damaged in my bag.

For this outfit, I have paired it with a white and black stripe bodysuit, also from Forever 21. The length of sleeve looks super cute with these overalls and complements it’s long, but rolled up legs. Of course, shorter or longer sleeves or a plain shirt would be perfect too.

Little black ankle boots are the perfect choice for these overalls, especially when the legs are rolled up. This leaves a little skin exposed, breaking up the otherwise completely covered look. I got these ones from Kmart, because they were super cheap, but you can get them at pretty much any clothing store right now. Boots with a heel or buckle or zip would also work perfectly to create that super chic look.

To top off the outfit, literally, I’ve added a cute round, bowler hat-esque hat. Yes, it’s also from Forever 21, so basically, this is a F21 get up. But not everyone likes wearing hats, so this is definitely just an option. As for other accessories, I’ve finished off the outfit with a pair of black, completely fake, Ray-ban sunglasses. These add a stylish, fashionable element that will have you looking super fly and turning heads. I would recommend wearing a bright red lip, but this can change according to the season. Here, I’ve used a Kate Moss Rimmel matte lipstick in 111 Kiss Of Life. The luscious dark red adds a pop of colour to an otherwise monotone ensemble.

I’ve also suggested black as a nail polish colour option. I think black nails really add something edgy to the complete look and is a cool contrast to the cute hat and red lips. I’m not totally sure what the brand of nail polish is I’ve included. I think it’s an OPI knockoff, but it does what it needs to so any black nail polish will do.

Black overalls from Forever 21:

Forever 21 White & black stripe bodysuit:

Rimmel Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss in ‘111 Kiss Of Life’:

Outfit #2

Pink and Short

This fun, bright look is perfect for a spring or summer’s day. The focus of the outfit, the short, washed denim overalls are from Cotton On and are so so comfy. Short overalls can sometimes be super annoying because they ride up and sit differently to long overalls, but these are great. I’ve travelled for hours in a car on a road trip in these.

Here, I’ve coupled them with a light pink mid-length sleeve shirt from Forever 21. The back is really cute, which you can see in the YouTube video of these looks, and the high neckline is really flattering. You can wear any length of sleeve with these overalls, but I love this contrast of longer sleeves to really short legs. Speaking of legs, I love LOVE these lace up canvas shoes with these short overalls because the exposed ankle really emphasises your legs. Don’t we all want an outfit that shows off our legs? These black shoes from Forever 21 have the cutest light pink roses on them that are the perfect match for the pink of the shirt.

Basically any or even no accessories would look awesome with these clothing items, but I’ve added a pair of rose gold aviator style sunglasses that add edge to an otherwise pretty girly getup. To compliment and continue that spring feel, I picked out the perfect baby pink nail polish colour from Rimmel called Ring a Ring O’Rosies, which is just the cutest name and nicely coincidental considering the shoes. To complete the look and add a darker shade of pink, for the lips, I chose the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Milan, though any pink would look great

Cotton On Short Denim Overalls:

Forever 21 Lace-Up Canvas Shoe (not the same but similar):

Rimmel Nail Polish in ‘Ring a Ring O’Rosies’:

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in ‘Milan’:

Outfit #3


This outfit is definitely one of my favourites. I stepped a little out of my comfort zone when I first put this one together since the style is different for me and doesn’t involve white or black, but I love it! These adorable light denim distressed overalls are from Boohoo and are the best purchase I’ve made in ages! They’re comfy, just the right amount of distressed, and such a nice, flattering fit. Because of the colour, they are really diverse and can be super casual or made up to look quite fancy but cool and fashionable, especially if you experiment with leaving the legs down or rolling them up.

Here, I’ve gone with a daytime look, pairing it with this 3/4 sleeve length, high neck, cropped floral shirt from Forever 21. The material is so soft, which is good since the neck is high and would be irritating on the skin. A similar floral shirt with shorter sleeves would also look amazing in this outfit.

You do run the risk of looking a little like a farmer with light overalls and brown boots, which is something you could totally aim for, but I think I’ve avoided that here since the style of boot is so in fashion right now and is the nicest shade of brown. They are also from Forever 21 an have the nicest heel height while still be amazingly comfortable. I walked around LA for a whole day in these!

For accessories, to give the look a bit more sass, I decided to go with my real Ray-bans in turtle shell colour! They don’t see the light of day much since I barely wear them because I’m so afraid of damaging them, but they are the perfect accompaniment to this outfit. I’ve gone with another Rimmel nail polish here in the colour ‘Caramel Cupcake’, which is an awesome nude colour that compliments every skin tone. To match that colour, I recommend the NYX Lingerie lipstick in the colour ‘Baby Doll’. I think neutral tones in the accessories and shoes here allow the focal point of the outfit to be the pink in the shirt and the awesomeness that is this overalls.

Long Washed Denim Overalls from Boohoo:

Ray-ban Wayfarers in Turtle Shell:

NYX Lip Lingerie in ‘Baby Doll’:

Rimmel Nail Polish in ‘Caramel Cupcake’:

Outfit #4


For outfit number 4, I’ve gone with a bit of a different style to show you just how diverse overalls can be. In this more wintery look, these super tight washed black overalls from H&M are edgy and super cool and can be rolled up or left down. The long straps and zip at the back steer the outfit away from your typical overalls look. To contrast the tight legs, I’ve paired these with a loose, long sleeved, cropped white jumper from Forever 21 that has the cutest paper aeroplanes on it. To have this outfit be warmer weather appropriate, you could change that up to be a t-shirt with a cool but subtle pattern on it.

Since Converse shoes really go with everything and add a spunky (yes, spunky), youthful, fun element, I thought this was the perfect outfit to pair them with. These can of course be replaced with something like black boots, or basically any shoe that has black or white, or even a pop of colour.

The perfect sunglasses for this outfit would have to be these Ray-ban inspired, totally fake, gold rimmed and black ones that I think I got at a market. They add just the right amount of sass to an otherwise quite casual look. To keep the focus on the sunglasses and tight legs of the pants, I’ve gone with a nude lip, using the NYX Liquid Suede in ‘Soft Spoken’ and an almost rose gold Face Of Australia nail polish in ‘Satin Sheets’.

Face Of Australia Nail Polish:

NYX Liquid Suede in ‘Soft Spoken’:

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops in White:

There you go! I hope you loved these as much as I do. Let me know which one is your favourite and how you style similar overalls. Make sure to watch my YouTube video to see what these outfits look like on and subscribe to my channel and let me know if there’s another clothing item you’d like me to show you how I style.

Chat soon,

❤ Chels