Mashing Disney Again

Well, it was going to happen eventually… my second Disney Princess Mashup is here! After the success of the first one, and how much I enjoyed putting that one together, I had to do it again.


But I knew it had to be different. I didn’t want to make a slightly different version of the first one. When arranging the first one, I crammed as many original Disney princess songs in there as I could – 11 in the end! I used all the classics, and some of my favourites. It was so cool to hear that some of you guys had forgotten about certain songs and loved hearing them again 🙂

But to create something a little different, this time I used only 4 songs, all relatively new ones. I’d been wanting to do a cover of ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana ever since I first saw the movie and was completely obsessed, ‘When Will My Life Begin’ from Tangled has been an absolute favourite of mine for years and ‘These Palace Walls’ from Aladdin: The Broadway Musical is my new favourite – so choosing those 3 was a no brainer for me. I know ‘These Palace Walls’ isn’t a very well known song yet, but I included it in the hopes of introducing it to even 1 person because it’s one of the best Disney Princess songs and everyone needs to know it! It’s so good!

When listening to the songs to pick out which parts I wanted to include in the mashup, I suddenly realised just how similar the content of those 3 songs are. I was so surprised and excited! All of them are about them wanting to follow their passions, escape their current life, feeling they aren’t where they’re meant to be, knowing there’s more out there for them. Maybe I subconsciously picked those songs because that’s kind of how I’ve been feeling lately, but I knew if I mashed those songs together just right, it could make for one epic song.

But it needed a 4th song. But when I was in the shower later that night listening to Disney music, as I always do, ‘Reflection’ from Mulan came on. So I was singing along, as I always do, and mid-Lush shower gel scrubbing, it was like BAM this is the perfect 4th song! The content is similar again, and could bring something more to the song. It was decided.

Arranging the song wasn’t as hard as the first Disney Princess Mashup, but because I knew if I did it right it could be the coolest mashup, I took my time and made sure it was as good as it could be before I started recording. I fidgeted with the key on some parts, to make the sections flow into each other a bit nicer, but I kept the key change going into the last chorus so it was the same as the last chorus of ‘How Far I’ll Go’.

It blew my mind when I realised ‘How Far I’ll Go’ and ‘Reflection’ both have the lyric ‘perfect daughter’, so I knew I had to mash them together, which I did in the last chorus of the song – without a doubt my favourite part of the mashup now. I layered it with call and response vocals – ‘Mother might just let me go’ and ‘You suppress it’. Then I knew the song needed to end with the main vocals saying ‘How far I’ll go beyond these palace walls’, which I thought was a little clever and just sums up the whole song.

I wanted to keep the production relatively simple with just an acoustic guitar, but once I recorded them, I knew it needed a cool kick drum and bass in certain parts to really lift it where it needed to be. And then, because it is a Disney mashup, I had to add some cool strings. It wouldn’t be a Disney song without them!

I’m really glad I filmed the video in a similar way to the first one, including having the princesses pop up on the screen in their sections. This way, it can almost become a bit of a video series – if you guys want me to make more 🙂 Overall, I’m really happy with it and so excited you guys are already enjoying it. I appreciate your love and support more than you know.

Check it out here, let me know what you think and what other songs you want me to mash up!

Chat soon,

❤ Chels